The team



Born in Thessaloniki, he was a professional sportsman, worked as a teacher, and opened his own gym, but finally the catering industry won his heart, where he found great success. When he doesn’t “run” novagea, he runs middle and long distances.


He graduated from the Physical Education and Sports Science University of Athens with honours and the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Department of Physiotherapy. He studied Physiology of Exercise and Nutrition in the United States, Clinical and Geriatric Dietology, he specialised in child obesity and never stopped training in Nutrition. He has a PhD in Athletic Medicine and is a Scientific Consultant on Nutrition for a number of broadcast networks, magazines and newspapers. Volley coach, scientific consultant for many athletes and teams of different sports. He’s like a super hero of Nutrition and sports and the mastermind behind the novagea ingredients selection and menu.


Being a licensed tourist guide, there isn’t a single spot in Greece that he hasn’t visited, thus inspiring thousands of other Greeks and foreigners to know and love the country. He shares his love for Greece with his love for a healthy lifestyle and sports: owning a black belt in Shotokan Karate, which he’s been practicing since he was a child. His aspiration with novagea is to introduce Greek culture to any visitor, through the fruits, vegetables and herbs of our country.



In the last 12+ years he’s cooked for thousands of people who have visited one of the many restaurants where he supervised the menu, not only in Greece but also in the United States. He has a soft spot for the Mediterranean cuisine, and a knack for “inventing” dishes with authentic, local ingredients. During the last few years he has researched vegan and raw nutrition, and he’s been responsible for giving novagea the right combinations to create juices that aren’t only healthy and beneficial, but also irresistibly tasty!

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