Nerve Tonic Juice Blend

Our brain and nervous system is the central processing unit of our body that regulates all our functions. Today’s lifestyle, stress, our exposure to radiation, accelerate our cells’ oxidation and wear out our nervous system.

That’s why at novagea we prepare juices for you combining fruits and vegetables like watermelon, banana, melon, pomegranate, berries, strawberries, garlic, beets, rocket, tomato, blueberries, and also saffron, ginger and mint and thyme infusion.

What do we achieve with this combination? We provide an arsenal of nutrients and vitamins that help in the smooth function of our nervous system, which is related with every single cell in our body. When our nervous system works properly, we have increased energy and vitality, toned nerves, less stress, less headaches, and improvement of our memory and learning abilities.

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