After we saw first hand how our own lives changed for the better by drinking juices, we turned our passion into a job! At Nova Gea, all our juices are 100% natural, without even a trace of additives or preservatives. The combinations we use are specifically considered and selected to provide our bodies with certain benefits, while at the same time they have an amazing taste and great texture! So much so that it’s impossible to resist them! The smoothies in particular, are so hearty they can even replace a whole meal!

We are all so busy, stressed, and so pressured that we rarely ever give ourselves the gift of a natural juice that will give us all the vitamins, micro-minerals, and nutrients we need. Come to us and we’ll prepare the juice that best suits you for an instant pick-me-up!

Grab the opportunity to ask our trained staff whatever you might have a question about, and we will be glad to convey our knowledge and experience!